Walnut Varieties

Solano (PP#25,466)

This variety harvests early to mid season with light colored kernerls, high yield, large nuts and solid attractive shells. Solano has leafing, flowering, and harvest dates that are very similar to Vina, but has better kernel color and tree structure. Due to its male-first blooming habit and later leafing date, it should be less susceptible to blight and of particular interest to growners in the Sacramento Valley. Pollinators include Tulare, Chandler and Howard.
$1.00 per tree royalty

Tulare (PP#8,268)

Introduced by University of California. Harvests mid to late. Leafs approximately 12 days after Payne. Blooms late. Displays high production potential. Nut is large and well sealed. Kernel crack-out is approximately 53% with kernel color at 85% light. Tree is upright with moderate vigor. Potential hedgerow variety. Tulare’s pollen shedding appears to overlap a large percentage of the female bloom. 72% of its lateral buds are fruitful.


Harvests early to mid. Productivity is high to very high with 80% to 90% fruitful lateral buds. Leafing date is seven days after Payne. Nut is medium with good shell seal. Tree is vigorous with size rated at small to medium. Possible pollinators include Chico, Tehama, Howard and Chandler.

Harvest dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.