Plum Varieties


Juicy, red flesh with sweet flavor is great fresh, cooked or canned. The Satsuma Plum can be enjoyed for its red, meaty flesh that is indeed very juicy with a mild sweet taste. You’ll love every sweet drop of flavor whether you eat these plums fresh or make them into luscious jam.


Queen Rosa

Ripens June 21–25
USDA release. This variety produces large fruit that is of variable color and firmness. Color and firmness are poorest in deep rich soils and/or with high nitrogen levels. Adequate pollinizers should be used, such as Ambra or July Santa Rosa.

Owen T

Ripens June 25–July 5
USDA release with fruit that is oblate and large. The flesh is light yellow, firm with a medium texture. The skin color black with purple shoulders. The tree is self-fertile.

Red Beaut

Ripens May 20–25
Fred Anderson release. This is the first variety of the season often establishing price and shipment levels for subsequent varieties. Fruit is firm, of medium to small size with nice red color and light amber flesh at maturity. Blossoms are pollen sterile and must use a pollinator. Ambra is a suitable pollinator.

Santa Rosa

Ripens June 12–20
A standard of the season both in volume and name recognition. Fruit is medium size, somewhat heart- shaped and can lack firmness during high temperatures. Eating quality is very good although the skin can have an astringent characteristic. Fruit is red skinned. Variety is self-fertile and is often used as a pollinator. Spreading tree of moderate vigor.


Ripens July 10–20
Large dark purple fruit is fairly round with somewhat pointed apex. Flesh is yellowish-white, quite firm and of fair quality. Tree is vigorous and spreading and is self-fertile.


Toka plum is one of the most exciting of the cold hardy American plum varieties. Dependably sets fruit in South Dakota where is was developed and introduced in 1911. Medium to large fruit that eats well from firm to soft ripe and just keeps getting sweeter. Unique aromatic yellow flesh is complex with fruity mixtures of flavors, hence its nick name Bubble Gum Plum.


Ripens late June
Big, yellow plum with pink tip when perfect. Very low in acid. Eats like a peach. Dries well.

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.