Popular Nectarine Varieties

Burchell Nursery Breeding Program Nectarine Varieties

Summer Flare TM 33

Burnectthirtytwo (PPAF)
Ripens approximately July 12–19
A yellow flesh nectarine with very good flavor. Requires 650 chill hours.

Summer Flare TM 34

Burnectfour (PP#13,477)
Ripens September 1–10
Clingstone. A late-season nectarine. Large size and excellent flavor.

Sweet Flare TM 21

Burnecttwelve (PP#14,412)
Ripens approximately May 20
A large, low acid, yellow flesh, Flare® series nectarine with excellent flavor and good production. Prone to russet in some years. Requires 400+ chill hours.

Sweet Flare TM 28

Burnecteighteen (PP#17,141)
Ripens July 10–22
A Sweet Flare® series nectarine. Excellent sub-acid flavor. Good firmness and production. Heavy producer. Requires 700+ chill hours.

Ripening dates shown are approximate for Fresno and will vary with season and location.